Project Tracking for Project Management in Bio/pharmaceutical R&D (PROJECT LEADER SOLUTIONS)

“If you aren’t keeping score, you are only practicing” – Jan Leschly, the former CEO SmihKline Beecham, and professional tennis player.

Project Tracking is a fundamental practice in any company.  Here we discuss the importance of Project Tracking for Project Management.

In a subsequent page we discussed the importance of Project Tracking for Portfolio Management.

Project Tracking allows you to answer following questions about any particular project in your company.
•  What is the potential value of each project?
•  What are the risks in each project?
•  How many candidates will come from this project?
•  When will these candidates be identified?

There are many different ways to get at the answers to these questions. As noted in the sections on Risk and Value, the questions in Discovery are approached differently than they are in Development (e.g. in the section, Discovery vs.Development).

The reader will find that some of the subsections are located in our other blog Project Management Solutions.  We hope this won’t be too confusing!